Amar Vajja

Amar Vajja, is a student at Southern Methodist University, who boasts an impressive educational portfolio. He is earning a B.S. Economics with Financial Applications, B.A. Public Policy, and B.A. Religion. His academic pursuits demonstrate a profound dedication to dissecting complex societal and economic structures. Amar shares a rich tapestry of insights and personal experiences. 

Living in Dallas, Texas—a city celebrated for its dynamic culture and economic vigor—Amar’s experiences enrich his academic and professional pursuits, marrying scholarly rigor with the lively rhythm of urban life. Amar has deep roots in both Indian and American cultures. Having spent his early childhood in India and frequently traveling between the two countries, he possesses a unique bi-cultural understanding that enhances his business and political endeavors. This dual perspective enables Amar to effectively bridge markets and foster valuable connections between India and the US, providing his clients and businesses with critical insights and opportunities. 

Amar’s extensive expertise spans financial markets, real estate, and marketing, which he adeptly employs to drive his entrepreneurial ventures, including the innovative health and wellness solutions at PXL Fitness. His approach is marked by a commitment to excellence and a nuanced understanding of cross-cultural dynamics, driving success across his diverse business portfolio. He currently holds a Texas Real Estate license and NMLS Loan Officer license.


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Under the Vajja Corp umbrella, our marketing firm provides dynamic strategies and solutions that make brands resonate in competitive markets. From digital presence to consumer engagement, we ensure your business stands out.

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Welcome to Vajja Corp, the operating company for a portfolio of innovative businesses in marketing, real estate, and fitness. Our founder, Amar Vajja, is a passionate entrepreneur committed to excellence and innovative solutions. Vajja Corp orchestrates the synergy between diverse services to meet your distinct needs. Explore what we offer and discover how we drive success and value for our clients.